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Change the life of diabetics
Thank you for visiting PKvitality?s crowdfunding page !

Since January 2017, thousands of you showed their interests in the K?Watch Glucose and K?Watch Athlete projects. Your messages and feedback have been a valuable source of improvement and encouragement.

Today, the project is moving forward: however?

We need your help!

Luc Pierart, Founder & CEO

The next steps of the projects are to finalize the technology, to launch the mass production and submit K?Watch for certification to the local medical authorities. If all goes well, the launch could take place at the end of 2018, but it is a very long and costly process. Without a quick financial help, this process could take twice as long and delay the launch to the end of 2019!

In order to speed up the launch, we need our supporters to help us. Do you want to be part of the history and make it happen faster ? If yes, choose one of the 2 options below:


Fund us by pre-ordering your
K?Watch with a -50% discount


Invest in PKvitality with a discount
of -50% on your shares price

All funds raised will be used to finance mass production and medical certification. This should allow us to shorten the time to market by 1 year.

Any question ? Visite our FAQ or contact us at Your feedback and questions are welcome.

By helping us to develop K?Watch, you bring real hope of making life much easier, simpler and safer for diabetics.
Thank you !
Luc Pierart, Founder & CEO of PKvitality


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